Interview with ‘Behind The Glass Audio’ Magazine Nov/Dec20

Thanks to Deborah Skeldon, I was invited to interview in this jam packed women only issue of ‘Behind The Glass’ I talk about my audio career thus far, some projects I’ve been involved with. Link to the check out the full article is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Link to read the fullContinue reading “Interview with ‘Behind The Glass Audio’ Magazine Nov/Dec20”

#Noisevember 2020

Throughout November 2020, I’ve been taking park in designing a sound by following a list of prompts to spark inspiration and posting these clips on Twitter and Instagram most days. It has been such a fun challenge and inspiring to see what other sound designers have been doing with these prompts! Follow me on twitter @sarahsherIock and on instagram

VFX Sound Design

Recently I decided to challenge myself in taking part in an international sound design contest ran by the brilliant The challenge was to create audio for the short vfx clip by only using (This is where the fun begins! ) both synthesized and recorded sounds – the recorded ones must be recorded at home.Continue reading “VFX Sound Design”

Virtual Reality, Pyscoacoustics and Game Sound

An Introduction to Vitrual Reality, Pyschoacoustics and the demand on Audio The push for compelling VR experiences is a current trend in the video game industry, and the demand for Audio is crucial for creating a persuasive VR experience. As the key role that audio cues play in our sense of being are presented in anContinue reading “Virtual Reality, Pyscoacoustics and Game Sound”

Interactive Music in Video Games

An Introduction on Interactive Music in Games Scoring music for games relies on many techniques inherited from film scoring, including harmonic, dynamic and rhythmic development, cadences and themes. The main function of music in media is to support the emotion, although, video game music differs significantly from music found in linear media such as filmContinue reading “Interactive Music in Video Games”

Film Score and Music’s effect on Emotion

Introduction One of music’s most basic functions in film is to convey emotion to the audience. This blog post attempts to break down a scene and how we perceive the musics method within the scene, considering what does the music evoke in or communicate to us? In the book ‘Hearing Film’ Kasabian states “Music drawsContinue reading “Film Score and Music’s effect on Emotion”

Procedural Sound Design in Games

Procedural Sound Design. An Introduction This blog post discusses  ‘Procedural Audio’ and  the use of ‘Procedural Sound Design’ in video games. ‘Procedural Audio’ is a term first popularised by Andy Farnell, where sounds produced are the result of a process ie: using a system to synthesise notes themselves using software such as Max to generateContinue reading “Procedural Sound Design in Games”

Game Music Functions In: The Last Of Us

In Naughty Dogs 2013 hit game The Last of Us  therein lies a tale of horror, lost humanity and lingering hope. A game that is critically acclaimed for its compelling narrative and a perfect demonstration of Immersion in effect.  Immersion is a term used to describe a deep mental involvement in something. According to theContinue reading “Game Music Functions In: The Last Of Us”