Vehicles Sound Design Demo Reel


skills used: sound design, editing, synthesis, mixing

A challenging task to design sound for these vehicles. Questions to consider when designing sounds for vehicles are: What type of vehicle? Is it a realistic  or a surreal/futuristic? Is it old and clunky, or is it modern and tight? Does it have loose parts or is it a high tech vehicle? Does it have more low end or does it have a crisp tight movement?  Taking into consideration the materials, size, weight, aesthetic, directional and temporal movement, of the vehicles in each clip. I create unique sound and character for each vehicle, which aid the visual. This is achieved by the phenomena known as Synchresis. It is the forging between something one sees and something one hears – it is the mental fusion between a sound and a visual when these occur at exactly the same time. Synchresis is an acronym formed by telescoping together the two words synchronism and synthesis.

“…The most important thing you can do as a sound designer is to make the right choice for the right sound at the right moment…” – Ben Burtt


Published by Sarah Sherlock

Irish sound designer and composer. Audio Design for games, film, branding & more.