Sounds In Context: Little Nightmares Sound Re-Design

Skills used: field recording, foley, sound design, editing, mixing

In a recording trip (around my student house) in an attempt to showcase my recording skills, I found some interesting one shots and  textures to make up the sounds for a re-design of this clip from the platform horror game Little Nightmares. When designing the sound to the picture, the most challenging was recording the foley sound for such a small character, thus the footsteps needing to portray the correct weight. To achieve this, and with my palms faced down, I slightly tapped along the back of an acoustic guitar to get very minute tapping on wood recordings, following the timings of the character animation, these formed the footstep sounds. Similarly, the water/swimming sound was made by experimenting with different volumes of water (again, experimenting with weight) inside of a bottle and swirling/swishing it around in front of a mic.

The ambience and recordings of the creature bubbling were created out of recordings of fridge hum, cooker hiss, gas boiler and many other sounds I could find around the house!

Published by Sarah Sherlock

Irish sound designer and composer. Audio Design for games, film, branding & more.