Main Skills: Creative Sound Design, Logic Pro, Reaper, Game audio: Wwise + Unreal Engine 4, Scripting with Blueprints, Foley/ Syncing, Field Recording, Sound Editing, Mixing,

Additional Skills:  Scoring for Film, Production Music, Underscores and Themes for podcasts. 

Hi I’m Sarah Sherlock

A sound designer, musician and field recordist from Dublin, Ireland, focused on creating compelling audio for video games. I come from a mixed world, with a range of sound + music production skills, In depth knowledge of the creative and technical requirements of bringing games and media to life with audio! I’ve an eclectic background in music production, composition, engineering and sound design. Throughout my life thus far, I have always been interested in creative culture, music, film & video games, and as I started to experiment with producing and recording my own music, collecting instruments and creating my own sounds, I found my passion in game audio! I’ve always been an avid gamer and so creating audio for games is the most rewarding experience for me.

When I’m not working on sound design projects, I can also be found playing games, swimming, kayaking, painting, and spending time with my dogs! If you have any queries or think I’d be a good fit your project, please feel free to get in touch!

I recently completed a Masters of Science in Sound & Music for Interactive Games at Leeds Beckett University, UK and graduating in Winter of 2020. Here I learned the skills of implementation of audio into game engines. Currently I am solo developing a first person indie horror game AmpHead, a game created for my masters final project where I programmed an interactive music system to break players expectancy of the threat of immediate danger in a horror game. Spooky stuff!

Previously, I studied for 4 years at Pulse College, located in Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin. Having graduated on their (C.M.P.G.) Diploma in Music Production for Games and a further BA (Hons) in Music Production, I learned my production skills over a range of sound and music creative and technical modules. During this time I also attended many guest lectures and masterclasses from established film and game composers and music producers. I became an Intern for the studio for short time after completing my studies here. For my undergrad dissertation, I chose to focus on scoring for visual media and rescored Frankenstein (1931) with an experimental soundtrack, whilst exploring the history of horror film soundtracks. I was lucky to present this project at Horror Expo Ireland in 2017! This led me to pursue projects as a composer for visual media before finding my calling in video game sound design.

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One reason I object to being called an engineer is that designation reinforces the notion that I’m mainly an operator of equipment. A sound designer should be more like a cinematographer and less like a camera operator.” -Randy Thom

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My favourite Games for Sound

  • The Last of Us, Parts I & II
  • Little Nightmares
  • Marvels Spider-Man
  • No Mans Sky
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Dead By Daylight