#Noisevember 2020

Throughout November 2020, I’ve been taking park in designing a sound by following a list of prompts to spark inspiration and posting these clips on Twitter and Instagram most days. It has been such a fun challenge and inspiring to see what other sound designers have been doing with these prompts! Follow me on twitter @sarahsherIock and @sarahsherlock.studio on instagram


A bulky robot goes for a walk…


Brisk and light blade combat sounds in a re-design of FURY


Crafting sounds for a little rat animation.


A playful and casual sound re-design of mobile game Fancy Cats


Shark cage dive sound design.


Throwing Knife, and impact sound.


A re-design of the sidearm weapon ‘Last Hope’ from Destiny.


A messy sound design session crafting some disgusting sounds. Put into context to a scene from Stranger Things


A re design for an iconic Jurassic Park scene, using sound from my best friends stomach!!


For this prompt I created something a little more experimental. A juxtaposition of calm vs chaotic noise using field recordings.

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