Sound design for Games

Sound+ music for film

I am currently working as an Audio Designer with UK studio, Bonsai Collective .

My focus is on high quality creative and technical sound design which helps support the player experience, through various narrative, combat and traversal scenarios.

Game audio


Luna Abyss – Sound Design + Voice Design
The Sims 4 – Dialogue Editor
Sneaky Bears VR – Sound Design + Dialogue Recording
Neuro Net: Mendax Proxy – Sound Design
Simons Cat Story – Sound Design
Knights of Honor II: Dialogue Editor
Paleo Pines: Sound Design /Foley
Bauldurs Gate 3 – Dialogue Editor
Sheep Tag 2 – Sound Design

More than 7 experience in audio design across various creative disciplines

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Conceptual Sound Design

Section 9 unreleased sci-fi platform game.

Interactive Sound Design

UE4 Horror Project see more

Consistent Sound Design Practise

Sound Redesign that melting sci-fi weapon.

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