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Section 9 is an action/adventure sci-fi game in development by Section 9 Interactive, an independent game development. The studio posted an update of clips as a series of GIF’s of mechanical monsters, guns, creatures, with platforming and sci-fi lasers and tools. I created all the audio in this linear redesign using synthesis (Serum) for lasers, and pick ups. Foley and mechanical sources from my own sound libraries.

Returnal Teleport sound design made by processing RAW rock recordings!



sarah sherlock

MSc Sound + Music for Interactive Games, BA Music Production

Sound designer for games, freelance composer & field recordist. Currently working remotely from my home studio in Dublin, Ireland with intention to relocate to the UK.

Recording out in the field for my ‘SWARF’ Library
My sounds implemented and scripted by me using blueprints to create an Interactive horror game audio demo
Ambient music style
My concept pre-viz of an interactive horror score developed for my masters project. Game is currently being finished in my spare time.

Coming Soon! I recently finished designing additional audio for upcoming cyberpunk narrative game Neuroet: Mendax Proxy. You are an artificial intelligence tasked with managing a city-wide augmented reality network known as the “NeuroNet”. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn what it means to be human in a world losing itself to technology. My role was to create audio assets for the in game narrative cards on 11 of the game locations. This included bringing the characters and environment to life with sound which reflected the actions, characters and aesthetic of the cyberpunk art style.

Coming late Summer 2021 to PC, mobile and nintendo switch.Hover/click the image on the left to add to your wishlist on steam!

Blog Posts

#Noisevember 2020

Throughout November 2020, I’ve been taking park in designing a sound by following a list of prompts to spark inspiration and posting these clips on Twitter and Instagram most days. It has been such a fun challenge and inspiring to see what other sound designers have been doing with these prompts! Follow me on twitter @sarahsherIock and @sarahsherlock.studio on instagram

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