Conceptualised Sound

Section 9 is an indie sci-fi platform adventure game in development. These clips were posted as a series of gif’s and I instantly became inspired to bring these to life with sound! Each scene requiring a specific attention to detail. Lasers, pickups, explosions, threat of immediate danger, zombies and big metallic creatures. My goal here being to challenge myself to design laser blasters from scratch (inspired by stormtrooper blaster sound) and to create a consistent atmosphere with ambience and reverb to place these sounds within the game world.
A compilation of some action, horror and sci-fi sound re-designs to some existing games – showcasing various moods/scenes.
A collaboration with Game Dev, FickleSwimming. I envisaged a phasing, bubbling melting laser for this tool. To create this, the main beam was created using Xfer’s Serum synth. For the weapon cool down, using my own recordings of an industrial compressor machine, layering variations of these with the synthesis, aiming to bring attention to the inner workings of the tool. To give the scene a sense of location, ambience of solar winds and rock/earth crackling melting.
A collection of ”Best Bits’ of sound logo re-designs and collaborations with VFX artists
Game audio implementation demo of a Horror Level (Abandoned Hospital) in Unreal Engine 4. Sounds and Music were implemented into the locations, giving each room it’s own character, to create atmosphere as the player completes gameplay tasks – finding the gifts scattered throughout the hospital. scripted using blueprints in UE4 and the sounds were implemented using wwise.

Recording behind the scenes

Gathering Sounds in an Industrial Factory – A fun day out, like Disneyland for any sound recordist! Some of these recordings became the source materials for my first independent sound library ‘Swarf’ which you buy from Asoundeffect here!





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Current Projects

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